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Tax Lien Certificate Auction
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123 wasp road $21,000.00  view details
67 hary drive $23,500.00  view details
127 penn st $9,001.00  view details
Sec: LOT Block: ELK LAKE Lot: 488 & 489 $155.00  view details
1284 Newbridge Rd $18,000.00  view details
2201 Fairmount Ave. $1,000.00  view details
117 Seventh Street $2,000.00  view details
65 Union Street $700.00  view details
Sec: 29 Block: 16.5-N Lot: 12-W $256.00  view details
0 n convere st $30,000.00  view details

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Do you have a tax lien certificate you wish to buy or sell? Click the button of your choice and benefit from the extensive research we have done for you.

Feel you need to understand more about the tax lien certificates? Need information about a property? It's all here! With just a click, view interest bids on certificates, premium bids on certificates, verification of recorded certificates as well as subsequent taxes paid toward that certificate. We offer verification of proper affidavits filed with payment. We can inform you about the status of a property regarding foreclosure and in which stages of foreclosure it is currently in. Rely on to provide detailed property information, including pictures, tax maps and annual property taxes. Let us guide you through the assignment process and ascertain the assignment form is valid. Our services include, certificate recording and notifying the tax collector in a legal manner to ensure that the prior tax certificate holder cannot claim the check when the certificate is redeemed.

When property holders fail to pay their taxes, the county or municipality (varying from state to state) allows investors to pay the taxes and offers high interest rates in return. In this way, necessary revenue is generated and the investor receives a tax lien certificate, also referred to as a tax sale certificate. In essence, the certificate states that you are the owner of a specific tax lien. Click here to find out more..

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Tax Sale Certificate
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